Step One: Developing a Plan for Your Party

Once you contact Champagne Taste, we will help you develop the menu you want, do a site inspection, advise you about creating the theme or atmosphere you envision, determine your rental needs, determine food quantities, decide how many servers you will need, discuss entertainment plans and take control of the overall timing and production of your event.

Step Two: The Proposal

After we have determined your vision of your event, your budget, and your approximate guest count, we will create a written proposal for your perusal, with all costs and payment policies clearly detailed. We will rework any menus or concepts until you are completely satisfied that Champagne Taste will deliver exactly what you envision. Once you are satisfied with the Event Proposal, we will prepare a contract for you and reserve the date of your event on our catering calendar.

Step Three: The Details

We know that we are establishing our reputation one event and one guest at a time. You can rest assured that Champagne Taste will produce an event for you that is worry-free and full of details you would never expect! The food will be delicious and the correct temperature, the surroundings will match the concept you developed, and the needs of all of your guests will be anticipated and met. You won’t have to lift a finger!

Take the final step and contact us here.